Every year in September at St Thomas's we have the opportunity to re-dedicate ourselves to serving in our church and community in obedience to God's call be involved in the life of the church.  We are encouraged to:

  • Attend Church Services for Regular Worship
  • Use the Gifts and Skills God has given for his Glory
  • Follow the examp of Jesus in our daily lives.

and Commit ourselves to a lifelong journey of discipleship:

  • Cultivate a regular Prayer Life and Bible Reading
  • Consider joining a Bible Study or Prayer Group
  • Practice Christian principles at home and work
  • Be willing to gie involved in the Church's ministry
  • Support community outreach projects
  • Live in an environmentally friendly way.

The parish gives us the best opportunity to be equipped to live the Christian life in this way. If you would like to be involved in any way please contact the parish office to discuss how they can help you "get involved".  Read about some of things that are happening at St Thomas's under this tab.