We offer you our condolences and assure you of our prayers for your loved one and your family.  We are committed to conducting funeral services for all people whether they attended church or not or even if their faith was not known or understood by others.  We prefer to conduct funeral services in our church rather than at the crematorium or a funeral parlour.  The Anglican church specifies that the coffin be present in the church for the full funeral service.  Memorial services are conducted for people who have died some distance away or when there are special circumstances.  Where a person is to be cremated we conduct the prayers of committal in the church so that all the mourners can share in this essential part of the funeral rite.  The cremation can then take place privately. 

Please contact the clergy in the first instance to arrange a time for the funeral and an appointment to prepare the serivce.  The clergy will need to learn about the person who has died and the family and the following matters will be decided.

 – The date and time of the serivce
 – Whether it is a burial or a cremation
 – Who will pay tribute to the person who has died
 – The choice of hymns and music
 – Bible readings
 – Who you would like to participate in the service
 – Whether you want to leave the coffin in the church after the service or have pallbearers take it out

 – Flowers in the church
 – Costs

Flowers on the coffin and press notices are normally arranged by the undertakers.

If you would like to use one of the parish halls for tea after the service please contact the parish office to make the arrangements.

Arrangements for the interment of ashes in the Garden of Remembrance are made with the clergy.  Memorial plaques can be erected on the Wall of Remembrance.  Please contact the parish office to order a plaque.

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