Fikelela is an initiative of the Diocese of the Church of the Province of South Africa and it is aimed at reaching out to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.  It has been said that HIV/AIDS is often discussed in terms of statistics and we forget to see the human faces, the faces that are afraid, the faces that are lonely and the faces that are ill and dying.  This project was started so that real people can be reached with practical, caring and loving acts of kindness.

St Thomas's Church has embraced Fikelela and has an active Task Team that organises and co-ordinated various projects.  It is  the task of this team to seek funding within and beyond the Parish.  The rely entirely on donations to support the following projects:

Food packing 

LOVE PACK FOOD PARCELS:  Once a month a team of parishioners and learners from Bishops Interact Club meet to pack food parcels for families that are 'child-headed' - Where both parents have been lost due to HIV/AIDS or families where children are vulnerable due to illness.  At present 140 parcels are packed every month and are take to the Warehouse and distributed through churches. DUE TO THE PANDEMIC we are currently making a monthly donation to Fikelela who give food vouchers to the usual recipients of food parcels.  We hope to resume parcel packing in the near future!

 Food items

 RED CROSS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL:  The daily clinics at the hospital often require parents and their sick children to wait for many hours to see a doctor.  This prompted our sandwich-making project and now 78 parishioners are engaged in producing sandwiches three times a week for these patients and their care-givers.  The hospital staff tell us this small ministry is deeply appreciated. (The Sandwich Project is currently suspended due to the pandemic and parishioners are making loaves of bread for the LADLES OF LOVE organisation who are feeding the hungry.)  Currently 20 care packs a month are donatied for children who come to the hospital as a result of sexual abuse.  This packs contain practical items such as panties, pads, talc, cream etc and a toy. We hope these attractively wrapped boxes become a beacon of love for children are are feeling unloved and unworth.


 COMMUNITY LINKS: The St Thomas's Fikelela Task Team is linked to 2 Aids orphanses, the Fikelela Aids Orphanage in Khayelitsha and the Zonnebloem Cottage. Quilts and toys are also distributed at the Brooklyn Chest Hospital, who have HIV realted TB infected children.  We also support the St Mary Magdalene Parish Aids Orphan project providing school uniforms, tracksuits, stationery and winter jerseys. Parishioners from St Mary Magdalene who are HIV+ are hosted twice a year at St Thomas's for a marvellous tea party including games and sharing.


CARING FOR THE CARERS: We have a regular support group for the Grandmothers at St Mary Magdalene who find themselves cared for orphaned grandchildren. Prayer support, special teas and outings are offered and are an enriching experience.