Please contact the parish office for the date of the next service of Holy Baptism

We are delighted that you are considering having your child baptised.  Baptism in the Christian church has always been considered the primary sacrament, and in all its simplicity incorporates a wealth of significance for the person, the family and the church.

Baptism is the first step that a child takes with its family to grow in faith.  Ideally this process of growth comes to fruition at confirmation when the child himslef is alble to stand up publicily before the church of his own free will and determine with the grace of God to live the Christian life.

At Baptism the family therefore professes its Christian commitment as the primary group in which the faith of the child will be nurtured.  If neither parent can make this commitment with a free conscience then the Baptism of the child should be deferred until the child is able to make this commitment himslef.  Church law states: “If there is any serious doubt that the child will NOT be rought up as a PRACTISING CHRISTIAN, the Sacrament SHALL be deferred until either the doubt is removed or the child is able to make his own promises.”

The Bible and our Service stress the responsibility of the parents to instruct and encourage their children in the Christian faith.  Therefore at least one of the parents should be a practising Christian and a member of the church.  If parents feel that in good conscience they cannot stand up in church and profess themselves to be Christians (or at least one of them) then we would suggest that you use instead the Angilcan Prayer Book SERVICE OF THANKSGIVING FOR THE BIRTH OF A CHILD.  This is a beautiful service which does not involve any promises.

Because Baptism is taken seriously these days all parishes are required to provide Preparation Courses for prospective parents to “receive such instruction in the Christian faith as will enable them to RENEW THEIR OWN COMMITMENT TO CHRIST and to promote the nurture and growth IN THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE CHURCH of the child or children in their care”.

Before you decide to proceed will you please read the extracts from the Service of Baptism covering the paragraph THE RENUNCIATION and THE ALLEGIANCE.  This covers the profession of the Christian faith and the promise that you make to bring your child up as a practising Christian.

If this is what you want for yourselves and your child we are delighted to baptise your child into the family of God.  Because Baptism is a service of incorporation into the church, Baptisms take place at a public serivce of worship, usually our 9h30 Sunday family service.  Please contact the parish office to discuss the Baptism of your child futher.

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