Tithing beneficiaries

The needs of people in our community and our country are vast but there are many, many wonderful organizations which exist to alleviate suffering and provide for those in need.  Out of God’s provision for us at St Thomas’s we are able to support some of them.

The parish council considers caring for children in need a vitally important aspect of the church’s work and they ensure that we give generously to a number of childcare institutions including the 4 residential Anglican children’s homes in Cape Town – St George’s, St Michael’s, St Francis and Leliebloem.  We also help OnsPlek with its work among the girl street children of Cape Town and CATh (run by Angela Rackstraw) which helps severely traumatized children.  Money given to the African Scholars Fund enables very disadvantaged rural children to attend school; paying their school fees, buying their books and wearing school uniforms.

With our donations we also help a number of places to provide refuge and rescue for the desperate: St Anne’s Homes give a place of safety for abused women and the Greyladies have a wonderful ministry to the very poor.  The Carpenter’s Shop, The Haven Night Shelter and Loaves and Fishes all work to assist the unemployed and often homeless people of our city.

The parish council also takes seriously our responsibility to provide resources to grow the church and support those who provide pastoral care.  You all know about the efforts to upgrade the Anglican theological seminary – The College of the Transfiguration – which we support and we also make an annual donation to the Archbishop’s fund for the training of priests.  We host the Fellowship of Retired priests and widows for their quarterly lunches. Faith for Daily Living is supported by this parish.

Those who give generously to St Thomas’s make it possible for St Thomas’s to help people who are making a real difference in the lives of people in need.