STARTING AFRESH – welcome!!  If you have looked up our website and are interested in joining Renew at St Thomas’s Church we look forward to meeting you and connecting you with a small group community that is part of our church family.  PLEASE either contact us via email or phone 0216856752 or visit us in the office one weekday morning between 8h30 and 12h30. 

Perhaps you are wondering what to expect if you join a Renew Group? The group will consist of +/- 8 people who will meet for the 6 weeks of each season on a particular day and time that suits you. Every group member will buy a copy of the Renew booklet which sets out the format and content of each meeting.  This gives you the opportunity to look forward and do some preparation for the meeting to come and a chance to remind yourself of the things your group considered at the past meeting. 

*  Each week will focus on a particular theme eg. Season One, Week One looks at “Jesus the Healer”.  Each session will begin with prayer by the facilitator. (From the 2nd session onwards there will follow a time to share on the action step from the previous session).

*  A reflection from the Renew Group booklet will be read which will lead into a time of sharing with some specific leading statements to help direct the observations.

*  You will then turn to the Scriptures to read a set passage which will be followed by a time of reflection.

*  Before ending in prayer everyone in the group will be invited to seek God’s guidance on how to apply, in a practical way what has been learnt or revealed . 

The session will last approximately 90 mins (or 1½  hrs).

Jesus established the model of small Christian communities when he gathered his group of disciples round him and it is still the most effective way for Christians to deepen their faith and find the fellowship and support needed to grow and reach out to others. Those of you in established home or Bible Study groups already have first hand knowledge of this.

We know you will receive a warm welcome from your hosts and make lasting friendships when you join a Renew Group. We hope you will encounter the living Christ in the sacred Scriptures and in each person in the group where the golden rule of “what is shared in the group, stays in the group” is observed. We pray you will feel more alive than you have felt for a long time and experience love and joy at new found levels in a very relaxed and natural setting.  We trust your faith and relationship with the Lord Jesus will find the practical expression that you have possibly been searching for.