What is RENEW Africa?

RENEW Africa is a parish process for establishing and supporting small Christian communities (much like Bible Study Groups) that form the basic unit of the parish for the future.

RENEW Africa is designed to help participant parishioners experience the rhythm of a vibrant faith lifecycle  — celebrating Sunday Eucharist; responding to the call to love and serve; gathering as small communities; reflecting on Scripture and returning to Sunday Eucharist — enabling parishes to become a communion of communities united in the Lord.


Why RENEW Africa?

‘The diocese supports a new commitment to RENEW because of the positivecontribution the earlier programme had made to the spiritual life of people and parishes in the Diocese. I believe RENEW Africa can contribute greatly towards realising our Anglican vision.’ Bishop Garth Counsell

RENEW deepens our spiritual growth and everyday acts of discipleship.


Invitation to RENEW St Thomas

Join RENEW and meet new people + belong to a small community  + be supported in living your faith

+ respond to God’s call to live your faith more fully + read and come to understand the Scriptures + and discover how God may be calling you.

Our Parish RENEW Team, comprising 15 volunteer parishioners, is working on an exciting RENEW process for St Thomas.  

The RENEW spiritual journey covers five Seasons of six weeks each.  Each Season engages the entire parish in a basic gospel theme. 














AUGUST 2015 ..the Church in Africa TODAY!

Watch this space!!


Season Four begins on Sunday 15th February 2015


Join us on a journey of disipleship and let's grow our church!

See some additional material compiled by the St Thomas's Renew Team.  It will supplement the Small Group Booklet.

Our Anglican catechism encourages us....

"The ministry of lay persons is to represent Christ and his church; to bear witness to him wherever they may be; and according to the gifts given them, to carry on Christ's work of reconciliation in the world; and to take their place in life, worship, and governance of the church."

As we set off may we be encouraged, inspired and energised to fulfil this high calling in response to our God's amazing unconditional love through Jesus' saving death and resurrection and eternal grace and mercy, poured out for every created being - just waiting to be received and ready to flow through us to change the world  - what GOOD NEWS to share!


Season Three begins on Sunday 31st August 2014

WE ARE CHURCH - establishing a self-sustaining Church

Session 1 - Gifted by God

Session 2 - Family: the domestic Church

Session 3 - Call forth gifts for leadership

Session 4 - The service of stewardship

Session 5 - Doing our part

Sessision 6 - Bequeathing a legacy.


Please invite someone you think will benefit from RENEW.

To find out more visit the RENEW Africa website http://www.renewintl.org/renew/index.nsf/vPages/RENEWAfricaOverviewNEW?OpenDocument

OR pick up a RENEW Invitation from the parish office, and experience more about RENEW at our Sunday services.

A message from Father Keith

‘In my spirit I have a strong sense that RENEW is where the Lord is leading us as a parish at this time. For me Renew offers all of us the opportunity to hear God speaking to us in a fresh way.

‘My prayer is that the additional blessing RENEW will bring is to enable those people,whose faith has faltered, to hear God say tothem “I love you” and “my Church of Thomas needs you.”’ Fr Keith de Vos


RENEW Africa Prayer

God of love and Father of all,

we are your family

embraced by your love.

You call us into the fullness of life

through Jesus Christ your Son.

Unify us now as we strive together

to create a world

where truth and justice find a home.

Fill us with your Holy Spirit

so that we may be empowered

to live your likeness.

Help us to be

a community of love and understanding;

a community of hope and welcome;

a community of prayer and action.

Renew us in Spirit

as we recommit ourselves

to your loving service.

Grant this through Christ our Lord.



Season Two - Weekly Themes

  • Jesus heals our lives
  • In Christ we are made whole
  • Christ helps us heal one another
  • Healing through acceptance
  • In Christ is the fullness of power to heal
  • Jesus heals our pain and helps us to forgive


Season One - August 2013

Season One – Weekly Themes

+      Jesus the Healer

+      Jesus the Reconciler

+      Jesus the Mystic and Prophet

+      Jesus the Redeemer

+      Jesus the Word

+      Jesus the Bread of Life