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'We feel the excitment about RENEW filtering through the Church!' Parish Council Member

'The video clips are great! Who's next?' Parishioner

What does RENEW mean to me?

'Renew, for me, means a renewed and deeper spiritual growth, both personally and as the community of St T’s. It also means growing our beautiful church in numbers.' Lindsay Pentz

'A chance for the parish to engage as a community in learning about and acting out what it means to follow Christ Jesus as risen Lord contemporaneously and in our local context...a good reason to have some 'worship bashes'/ celebration services to praise and share special communion with our awesome creator...a chance to get to know our fellow parishioners better...a chance to  interrogate God's word together... a chance to share stories of need, hope and opportunities for change for the better that we can achieve by being a more integrated community...a chance to explore what it means and what it should mean to be a Christian in action and word today...'Marion Donald

'New beginnings, change, opportunity and hope for connection, communion and faith sharing. To build on the good foundations of our St Thomas community and achieve a greater Good through sharing, serving and striving together so that we may Gather as God’s Family in the Seasons and every day.' Mandy Carlson

'Renew means the renewal of growth in the Anglican church and at St Thomas's in particular, through small bible study groups. The focus is on God, with an emphasis on communal gatherings generating friendship, discipleship, sharing, growing and strengthening of relationships and ultimately inviting new people into these havens of safe and trusted environments, which in turn draws people to the Anglican faith and St Thomas's in particular.' Adrian Pentz